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Summer Programs

Contact Rebecca Shafir, executive function coach at the Hallowell Center Boston MetroWest at 978 287-0810 to enroll in the following programs offered by her.

Summer EARS - Emergency Academic Recovery System

Middle school through college students

EARS- Ramp up your school performance in incredibly short periods of time with little parent involvement. Learn to problem solve executive function challenges: attention, planning, organizing, initiating, follow through, working memory, inhibition, and the ability to shift between tasks and emotional states. Resolve concerns with anxiety, negative self-talk and the inability solve problems. EARS unique one-on-one approach may include biofeedback and neurofeedback to help speed up progress. Learn more.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

- Directly influence academic and workplace performance! improve mental math, reading comprehension, reasoning, decision making and multi-tasking big projects. More powerful than a high IQ, this in-home training requires one hour a day 5/7 days a week for 5 weeks with phone coaching supervision by Rebecca Shafir. Enrollment is limited to 10 students. Learn more at Cogmed.com.

Alpha Stim cranial electrotherapy


Jeffrey Marksberry M.D., Vice President Science and Education at Electromedical Products International, Inc.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, it may be hard to recall the last time you weren’t feeling tense, worried, or on edge. Anxiety can cause sudden panic attacks, may interfere with your personal or professional responsibilities, and is often tied to depression and insomnia. When you feel overwhelmed, you need a safe and rapid solution that can relieve your anxiety and help you regain your confidence and zest for life.

Listen to an audio recording of Alpha-Stim with Rebecca Shafir

Come to the Hallowell Center in Sudbury and experience a safe, effective and medication-free approach.



- Hone Executive Function Skills - As an entrepreneur - the lifeblood of our economy- you are particularly dependent upon strong executive functioning (emotional regulation, working memory, organization, etc). Ironically, self-starters with ADHD, gifted with uber intuition and creativity, often find executive dysfunction hinders their entrepreneurial pursuits. In addition to providing structure and strategies for executive dysfunction, Rebecca uses biofeedback, neurofeedback and electromedical technology (safe FDA approved methods).

Paid Research - Ages 30-39 with or without ADHD

- Perform two 20 minute computer tasks while a clinician records your EEG brain waves. The process is painless, harmless and rather fun. Participants will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. All data will be aggregated and used for mathematical averaging purposes. No subject data will be disclosed. Must abstain from ADHD stimulants for at least 48 hours. Persons on antidepressants or anti-seizure medications are not suitable subjects.

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