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Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)

It's Not Too Late To Resuscitate your child's school performance!

If you broke out in a cold sweat when the report card arrived....
I can help.

Rebecca ShafirI'm Rebecca Shafir, speech pathologist, neurotherapist at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury.

It's the time of the year when frantic parents and overwhelmed students collide - what can a student do at this point to recover from dipping grades, anxiety and low self-esteem? Perhaps now your student is all EARS?!

EARSI developed Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS) after years of training middle school to college age students on how to ramp up their school performance in ridiculously short periods of time. Often, executive functioning is the culprit -- planning, organizing, initiating, emotional regulation, working memory, inhibition and the ability to shift between tasks and emotional states. Everyone has some executive functioning strengths, but it's the weaknesses that can cause havoc in school performance.

This is not traditional tutoring. EARS enables your student to develop the skills and habits for long-term success.

How does EARS work? The first visit is in-person, to get to know your student's helpful traits and past successes, to study any recent testing or teacher reports and to identify possible courses of action. Together we create a plan and get to work immediately. Regular follow up sessions can be in person or by phone or Skype. All that's needed is a supportive parent or caregiver, and a cooperative and trustworthy student who is "change-ready" and eager for a positive and strengths-based approach to solving a tough problem. Due to the intensity and time commitment needed per student, I work with only five students individually at a time.

Please contact me for a free inquiry at 978 287-0810 or 978 255-1817.

College Core Coaching with Rebecca Shafir

CollegeCORE Coaching (by phone, Skype or in person) helps high school upperclassmen and college students conquer the most common problems associated with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction.

Learn more here...

Career Development and Success:

Robin Roman Wright, M.A.
Robin Roman Wright, M.A.

Ms. Roman Wright of the Hallowell Center staff works with young adults (16-29) who are seeking to determine what career might best fit their strengths, with mid-career job seekers looking for meaningful work, and with clients at pre-retirement age interested in finding a way to contribute while in retirement. Career Coaching can help you Conduct a self audit of your skills, abilities, and gifts, develop plans that play to your strengths, identify skills and develop new habits for increased effectiveness with managers, peers and work teams, clarify a vision and mission for your work life, or retirement dreams,  and helps one think “outside the box” to create a more fulfilling life.

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