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Do you or your student exhibit anxiety? Listen here to Rebecca Shafir, M.A., CCC explain how emotional regulation and self control training is important for making significant gains in executive functioning.

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Welcome to the Hallowell Center!

We provide comprehensive care for a full range of cognitive and emotional
concerns in children and adults including:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
  • Dyslexia,
  • Anxiety Disorder and
  • Depression

ADHD Specialists - The medical staff at The Hallowell Center Sudbury has evaluated, diagnosed and treated thousands of people with ADHD. This clinical experience and skilled judgment is The Hallowell Advantage. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to ensure a thorough and accurate diagnosis and a customized, balanced approach that integrates brain, body and heart with the latest medical research.

Getting started is easy!

Call our New Patient Care Coordinator at 978-287-0810 or email HallowellReferralsSudbury@gmail.com

Hallowell Center
144 North Rd, Suite 2450
Sudbury, MA 01776


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How Can Dr. Hallowell & the Hallowell Center Sudbury Help You?

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Let's work together to unwrap the gifts of ADHD.

Hallowell Sudbury Events:

Emergency Academic Recovery Service (EARS)

by Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D., a Coach and Psychologist

It's the time of the year when frantic parents and overwhelmed students collide - what can a student do at this point to recover from dipping grades, anxiety and low self-esteem? Perhaps now your student is all EARS?!

This is not traditional tutoring. EARS enables your student to develop the skills and habits for long-term success.

Together we create a plan and get to work immediately. All that's needed is a supportive parent or caregiver, and a cooperative and trustworthy student who is "change-ready" and eager for a positive and strengths-based approach to solving a tough problem.

Want more information?

or contact me for a free inquiry at 978 287-0810 or 978 255-1817.

Mindfulness Skills for Adults with ADHD

Taught by Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D., a Coach and Psychologist

In this group workshop you will learn ADHD-friendly mindfulness meditation techniques which provide proven benefits. Learn ADHD friendly skills to calm yourself, listen more carefully and concentrate more effectively.

6 Wednesdays, 6-8pm beginning 3/19/14.

 Space is limited! Register NOW by calling 978-287-0810.

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Executive Function Training (EFT) vs. Tutoring.

How a parent can decide where to invest in their student’s school success?

After years of hiring tutors, tutors very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise, many parents aren’t seeing their child’s grades improve much. There are still issues with their students of all ages being able to independently get homework started and completed, adapting effective study skills and managing their attention and frustration when learning new material.

To arrange for a free 15 minute inquiry call with Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, speech/language pathologist and executive functioning coach at the Hallowell Center, call 978-287-0810.   

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Master Your Mind this Year

Taught by Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, speech pathologist & neurotherapist

Master Your Mind classes are private, customized, sessions for students, adults and seniors focussing on strategies and executive function training

Once a week, 60-90 minute sessions

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 Call 978-287-0810 for a free inquiry session or to set up an appointment.

"Dr. Hallowell's comments on
alternative/complementary approaches."

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Think you might have ADHD?

Read this introspective blog post on preparing for an evaluation at the Sudbury Hallowell Center.

Ferrari Engines, Bicycle Brakes

by Edward Hallowell

Advice to educators about how to help students with ADHD fulfill the potential of their powerful brains.


The Hallowell Center in Sudbury, MA

Driven to DistractionThe Hallowell Center was founded in 1996 by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell.  The Center’s practice is based in Dr. Hallowell’s strengths-based approach and philosophy.  Our doctors help people with emotional issues and learning disabilities lead happier, more productive lives through a positive, balanced treatment approach.  This approach integrates the latest research on brain, body and heart.  In addition to the Center in Sudbury, there is also a center in New York.

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